Main Projects

King’s Ascent

Battle menaces from your royal past as you ascend through crumbling castles.
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Rosstin Murphy: Project Manager, Level Designer, Programmer
Sharon Hoosein: Boss Design and Modeling, Cutscene Art, Level Design
Andrew Head: Lead Programmer, Composer (Levels 1-3)
Alex Moser: Composer (Cutscenes), SFX, Programmer, Level Design
Trevor McQueen: Voice Actor
Lauren Boyle: Voice Actress
Meagan Trott: Background, Platform, and Concept Artist
Carolyn McGraw: Stained Glass Artist, UI Artist
Debs & Errol: Credits Theme

Kitty Love

Queer Catboy Love Triangle Disaster!!!

Beau is dating two boys. But trouble ensues when they find out about each other! Play as Beau and see who you are destined to end up with — or whether you’ll be forever alone!



Ash Narkevic: Writer
Anabelle Lee: Character Art
Lilin Tan: Cutscene Art
Andrew Head: Composer, Programmer
Rosstin Murphy: Producer, Programmer

Networked Music Sequencer

What if you could write electronic music with friends, without any previous musical knowledge? NetSeq is an application for you to do just this. Collaborate to write synth-and-drums electronica over a network using a simple, lightweight interface.

Tom Nason and I developed this as a senior project. Some day soon we hope to post binaries and footage of the application in action.

Small Projects

Heart of the Jungle

Beat rhythms of the jungle to bring it life.

Developed with Rosstin Murphy, Emily So, Kim Lister, and Gregory Rose at 2013 Global Game Jam.

Hungry Snake

Eat or be eaten! Move your snake to consume the smaller ones while watching out for the deadly adders and pythons who are bigger than you.
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Developed with Sharon Hoosein, Laura Paoletti, Bridget Hogan, Ash Narkevic and Rosstin Murphy at 2012 Global Game Jam.

Journey to Chevron Hall

Race to the Chemistry Lab with utmost haste! But watch out for the affectionate lab assistants and Nobel Prize awarders that seek to halt your progress so they can shower you with praise and affection.
Download Journey to Chevron source


Code, artwork and music by Andrew Head. Built on Pygame 1.9.1 with Python 2.7 — visit for prerequisites to play game.

Oakland Adventure

Short, sweet story-based game I built last Christmas as a present for my girlfriend.
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screen-frogs screen-level4

I programmed this, and drew music from past projects I composed for. Game assets come from Credits for tilesets are here and here. Credits for everything else are here.